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Now is the time for majority rule in Zimbabwe

5 years ago | 5322 Views
In 1980,we thought we had ended minority rule.Apparently we didnt and we have had it upto today.Now is the time for majority rule(democracy)

    And so the math s goes: colonialism= minority rule

        dictatorship=minority rule

        democracy= majority rule

        And now is the time for each and every voice to be heard in the leadership and governance of Zimbabwe and I call upon you all Zimbabweans to participate in this emerging democratic dispensation and majority  rule right now.
Thank you

2 ProfessorJonesMusara


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myAfroTube 7 years
Who should we vote for then prof coz once they are all in there they will never want to leave so they become the minority.
myAfroTube 7 years
How come you have not yet responded to my question, Who should we vote for ?

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